International Postgraduate Research Conference 2016


"Dynamic Collaborations: Creativity, Innovation and Stability." 

Collaboration and collaborative research activities have become a rare resource in otherwise competitive and corporatized academic culture. They remain a form of collective innovation, where stability arises, not from mere agreement, but the sustained participation in research and dialogue engaging with differences. This emerging trend in research culture is a reflection in the new interest in collaborative and collective activity outside the university, particularly in the areas of community action and organizing. Given this renewed interest in collaboration that leads to innovation and stability, this year’s International Postgraduate Research Conference focuses on dynamic collaborations. We invite papers that explore the way disciplinary specificity and differences can enable (rather than impede) interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. We ask how collaboration in the field of research can produce new knowledge(s) and target sustainability in the field of knowledge production. To this end, we particularly welcome papers that focus on the dialectical relation between disciplinary specificity that strengthens collaborative work and collaborative work that marks out the specificity of individual disciplines.


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