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Master of Business Management in Marketing - Course Details

Aim of the Programme

  • Obtain a sound theoretical knowledge to update their marketing applications in the dynamic business environment accompanied to their hands on content to be strategists.
  • Develop their skills for strategic thinking and decision making to be effective in strategy formulation pertaining to business management discipline where marketing stands as integrated component.
  • Inculcate professional values, attitudes and ethics to be holistically developed marketing practitioners.
  • be exposed towards global perspectives in decision making in the contemporary business environment
  • Enhance their career scope to upper grade level by being qualified with academically and professionally recognized learnt excellence. 

 The Objectives of this degree programme

  • To provide a sound theoretical knowledge of marketing and its application in contemporary business atmosphere.
  • To deliver the knowledge for strategy level decision making where marketing content as an integral component in strategy.
  • To facilitate learning experience for achieving strategic objectives of the organizations by integrating knowledge into practice across the functional diversities.
  • To provide the knowledge to contribute to sustainable development through marketing ethics and practices.
  • To facilitate an avenue to students who possess professional qualifications and higher academic qualifications  to be qualified in master level of business management education 


Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

  • Lectures
  • Individual and Group Discussions
  • Article and Book Reviews
  • Individual and Group Presentations
  • Project & Business Consultancy Field Works
  • Simulation Games of Industry Practices     

Evaluation Procedure

Candidates are evaluated on each semester based on the following scheme.

  • Assignments and Reports
  • Projects/Dissertation
  • Presentations
  • Examinations

Important Documents

Course Content


Help desk Contact: 

Ms. Charuni/Harshi – 0112903624 / 0112903832 / 0112903834 / 0113065844

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

and Coordinator contacts

 Mr. Nilantha Perera (Senior Lecturer, DMM) 01129038130777702005


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