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Master of Arts in Sinhala - Course Details

Aim of the Programme

The programme ensures students to;

Obtain the knowledge of Classical Sinhala Literature, Modern Sinhala Literature, Eastern & Western Literary Criticism, Sinhala Drama & Cinema, Sinhala Culture, Folklore & Architecture, Evolution of the Sinhala Language, Traditional Grammar, Paleography, Historical and Socio Linguistics.

The Objectives of this degree programme

  • Objective of this course is to improve the knowledge of
    • Classical Sinhala Literature
    • Modern Sinhala Literature
    • Eastern & Western Literary Criticism
    • Sinhala Drama & Cinema
    • Sinhala Culture Folklore  & Architecture
    • Evolution of the Sinhala Language and Traditional Grammar
    • Paleography, Historical and Socio - Linguistics 

Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

  • Teaching Methods of the programme consist of following methods.
    • Lectures
    • Individual Assignments
    • Dissertation
    • Individual Presentations
    • Viva interview 

Evaluation Procedure

Candidates are evaluated on the following scheme.

        end of the first year,

        • Writing Examination (80%)
        • Assignments  (20%)

          end of the second year,

        • Dissertation
        • Presentation
        • Viva interview  
  • Important Documents


Help desk Contact: 

Ms. Surangi     0112914493, 0112903681,0112903682

Coordinator contacts

Prof. Nimal Mallawa Arachchi    0112914493/ 0714458359



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