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Master of Science in Crop Protection and Plant Biotechnology (2 year) and Masters degree in Crop Protection and Plant Biotechnology (01 year) Course Details


Aim of the Programme

The programme ensures students to;

  • obtain a strong theoretical and practical knowledge in plant pathology, molecular biology and biotechnology,
  • train professionals to use modern molecular biological and biotechnological tools to ensure crop protection, early diagnosis of diseases and crop improvement to meet global food crisis,
  • showoriginality in the application of knowledge and understand how the boundaries of knowledge is advanced through research,
  • form hypothesis, design experiments, carryout an independent research project andmake logical conclusions to solve problems and
  • enhance employability or promote to an upper level by being academically qualified from a world class panel of lecturers

The Objectives of this degree programme

Objectives of the MSc in Crop Protection and Plant Biotechnology program are to,

  • develop human resource with necessary knowledge and skills in crop protection, disease diagnosis, molecular biological techniques and plant biotechnology for quality improvement,
  • promote awareness of the modern biotechnological strategies of quality improvement and crop protection among decision makers and managers,
  • prepare applied plant pathologists or geneticists for translational research and for the development of the country,
  • encourage large scale entrepreneurs to use modern technology effectively for crop improvement and disease management, and
  • bridge the gap for entering advanced research degrees.

Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

Teaching methods of the programme are,

    • Lectures
    • Laboratory exercises
    • Field visits
    • Paper discussions
    • Individual and group assignments
    • Individual and group presentations
    • Research project

Evaluation Procedure

Candidates are evaluated on each semester based on the following criteria,

  • Laboratory reports
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • Continuous assessments and year end examinations

 Important Documents

Help desk Contact: 

Coordinator contacts

R. N Attanayake,

Senior Lecturer,



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Calling application for the Next batch: till 15th July 2016 

First batch starts: 01st August 2016

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