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Master of Commerce - Course Details


Aim of the Programme


The program ensures the students accordingly to the following facts

  • The main Aim of this postgraduate Degree Program is to disseminate Knowledge on advanced aspects of Commerce & Management through teaching and research.
  • In addition to the course work, Workshops relating to the skills such as report writing skills presentation skills, and other soft skills are improved.
  • This program enables and guides the student to select the most suitable path for them depending on their requirements and also equip the students with the modern Business Knowledge
  • Skills Improved in the Student, develop their decision making, flexibility, efficiency & help them to perform duties as modern managers in their respective organizations.


The Objectives of this degree programme

    1. To provide generic knowledge and skills pertaining to the domain of Commerce and Business.
    2. To develop research based knowledge pertaining to the domain of Commerce & Business.
    3. To provide students with competencies to conduct research independently.
    4. To provide students with the opportunity to enhance their careers.


Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

Teaching Methods of the program consist of following methods.

  • Lectures
  • Individual and Group Assignments
  • Individual and Group Presentations
  • Workshops


Evaluation Procedure

Candidates are evaluated on each semester based on the following scheme.

  • Assignments and Reports
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • Examinations

Important Documents

Brochure (Page1|Page2)

 Help desk Contact:

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