Master of Social Sciences in Library and Information Science - Course Details

Aim of the Programme

To provide the intellectual and professional foundation to the students for careers in librarianship and information Services

To provide the skills and competencies in the management of libraries information centres, information resources, services and products

To produce a pool of responsible, committed and balance minded professionals in this discipline

To provide postgraduate qualifications and skills for working librarians who need such qualifications and training for their promotions and career development.

To conduct research in the field of Library and Information Science, and to develop a strong research culture in the discipline within the country.

The Objectives of this degree programme

    1. To demonstrate an understanding of the types and nature, origin, collection, organization and delivery of information and its uses, the interaction between information and its users and the appropriate latest technology and systems that produce, analyse and disseminate information.

      To apply the theory and practice in relevant subjects areas where and when necessary.

      To acquire and put into practice up-to-date subject knowledge, techniques, professional judgment and appropriate behaviours and competencies relevant to the job market.

      To work as true professionals, lifelong information workers and learners with necessary understanding and expertise

      To produce high quality library and information professionals to fulfil the skilled manpower requirements in the field of library and information science in the country

      To produce high quality library and information professionals with necessary skills and capabilities to be driving forces of the emerging knowledge society

      To encourage and develop the research culture in LIS in Sri Lanka

      Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

           Lectures, Tutorials, Presentations, Practical sessions, Individual and Group presentations,

           Research project, Creative activities

Evaluation Procedure

Assignments and Reports, Class Room Practical Tests, Projects, Presentations, Examinations

Important Documents

Brochure (Page1|Page2)

Students' Handbook - 2016 

Help desk Contact: 

Dilini 011290301 or 0785360870 or Dhammika 0112903901 or 0710907012 or 0112917712

Coordinator contacts

Prof. W.A. Weerasooriya 0714458345 or 0112903904 email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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