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DBA for developing advanced management competencies and research skills and MBA focus on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.


Develop a person with advanced knowledge in a specific field of study or discipline to enable working professionals to advance their knowledge.

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Deadline: 2023.06.11


Master of Business Accounting

Master of Business Finance - 2023





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Apply online via the following link - View Online Application


Print Online Submitted Application


Application Fee: 1000/=

Bank: People's Bank

Account Number: 055-1001-8066-9229

Account Name:  University of Kelaniya

Branch: Kelaniya



Documents should be handed over to the FGS faculty office/sent by registered post or Email.


  • Printed application
  • Payment slip (application fee)
  • Certified copies of your Degree Certificates and other qualification certificates
  • Certified copy of your Birth Certificate


Postal Address -:

Deputy Registrar,

Faculty of Graduate Studies,

University of Kelaniya.


Registration Details - 0112-903953 (Mr. Hasitha)

Online Application (Technical Support) - 0112-903953 (Ms. Poornima)

Email -: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Master of Business Accounting

Master of Business Finance


Aim of the Programme

The Programme will enable students to: 

  • Obtain a comprehensive accountancy and finance education embracing a range of contemporary developments in Accounting and Finance disciplines.
  • Inculcate the best practices pertaining to the ethical issues and code of conduct of corporate concerns, corporate governance, compliance to the international and local financial reporting standards and disclosures.
  • Develop focused approaches for identifying, analyzing and solving complex business problems.
  • Appreciate frontier trends in the Accountancy profession.
  • Explore research opportunities created by the changing global business environment.
  • Enhance the reputation of the Department/Faculty as a center for business excellence.   

 The Objectives of Programme 

  •  The M.Bus(Acc), M.Bus(Fin) programmes are designed to achieve the  following objectives
  •  To extend the advanced knowledge pertaining to Accounting and Finance disciplines.  To impart students with moral qualities and progressive professional knowledge required to serve organizations operating under uncertainty. 
  •   To embrace the applications of Information and Communication Technology to learn Accounting and Finance.  
  •   To offer an opportunity for students to obtain a blended exposure of learning through eLearning and mLearning technology
  •   To develop the Accounting and Finance profession by creating and stimulating a research culture.

Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

  •   Live lectures
  •   Materials and support resources are online and delivered in English medium
  •   Recorded lectures & printable versions are available at the touch of a button
  •   You can use laptops, desktops, tablet computers or smartphones
  •   You must have an access to a reliable internet connection.


Selection Criteria

The initial intake to the programme is 80 students. Admission to the MBus Programme is based on three steps of evaluation.

  • review and assessment of application and qualification
  • an admission test to judge a candidate's aptitude of management studies and competence in English language, and
  • an interview (group and individual) of qualified applicants to assess the candidates' analytical skills, communication skills, English proficiency, and knowledge of the business environment.

Evaluation Procedure

  • Evaluation of Course Units Students will be evaluated through continuous assessment, written examinations, for M.Bus(Acc.)/M.Bus(Fin.) programmes and additionally the research dissertation and through the viva voce examination for M.Acc/M.Fin.   


Program Type : Online


Course Content: 

Further important documents pertaining to the M.Bus programme can be found on



Help desk contact

Programme Coordinator

Dr. Amila Rajapakse (Academic)

Tel: +94 714273790

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Technical Coordinator

Mr. Malintha Perera, Coordinator (Technical)

Tel: +94 719182838 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Office Contacts Details

Mr. Vimukthi
Tel: +94112903509
Whatsapp: +94714066222
Email: mThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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