Master of Business (Accounting / Finance) | Master of Professional Accounting

(Dual Degree with CQ University - Australia)



MPA is one of the postgraduate qualifications offered by the CQ University, Australia. CQ University offers MPA programme on campus and online as well. The course is conducted in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and online for domestic and international students. This programme is much popular among the students who are interested in employment in accounting and Finance. After completion of the programme graduates potential fields of employment include financial accounting, management accounting, taxation auditing, and teaching, finance, banking management, administration, consulting or business advisory services. CQ University identifies key features of MPA programme are as below;

  • Programme includes with 16 course units with 96 credits,
  • The MPA equips students with professional skills in accounting, finance, computer software applications, economics, statistics, and business law.
  • Professional Recognition – This course is fully accredited with the three accounting bodies in Australia such as CPA Australia and the Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) together with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).

CQ University Australia is one of Australia's most engaged, supportive and responsive universities, focused on making higher education and research more accessible and relevant to all people, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds who live and work in Central Queensland. This is one of the most successful Australian universities in attracting and servicing international students. The university is operating in six locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and online studies. Times Higher Education has recognized CQ University as one of the world’s best young universities and it owned 90th place out of 200 institutes, which celebrated 50 years age in 2017. Further, the University is ranked 34 in Australia and 976 in the world in 2018.



About Dual Masters Degree Program

The suggested program will allow students to complete two different educational programs in different universities at the same time. Getting more professional qualification is an increasingly popular option for students who want to expand their skill set and training in a competitive job market. This proposal suggests to offer the Master's Professional Accounting (MPA) degree programme at CQ University Australia collaboration with the Master of Business (MBus) at the University of Kelaniya. It is based on recognition of course units and credit values of both masters’ programmes. After successful completion of the programme, students can be achieved two degrees: Master of Business (Accounting) from university of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) from CQ University Australia.

The program is entitled with following values,

  • The collaboration between the Master of Business (Accounting) in university of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) in CQ University Australia provides students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills required for professional accounting, while also developing an understanding of the broader management context, better preparing students for senior management roles in deferent context.
  • Student will receive a separate testamur (official certificate) for each degree and will be able to complete both degree in less time than if they chose to study the two degrees separately.
  • The programme satisfies the educational entrance requirements of both Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) Australia and Chartered Accountant (CA) Australia and New Zealand. This provides associate membership of CPA Australia, eligibility to study the CPA professional exams.
  • This suggested collaboration is specifically designed to give graduates a competitive edge in a dynamic and diverse industry that offers opportunities to travel and work in some of the most attractive destinations in the world.
  • Students’ career opportunities could include public accountant, chartered accountant, company accountant, company secretary, financial administrator, investment advisor, forensic accountant, in the government (in the tax department, audit office, treasury and local government), or in financial institutions including banks and building societies.
  • Students will be qualified for a range of positions in public or private sections both nationally and all over the world. Their expertise could land them a job in some of the fastest paced and most interesting careers in the business world.


Eligibility Criteria

• Candidates with a bachelor degree, taught in English, in any discipline are eligible for admission to the MPA.

• Candidates with UoK Master of Business (MBus) are eligible also, regardless of their bachelor qualification.

• CA and ACCA Associates/Members are eligible for admission to the MPA.

• Each candidate will have to apply for admission to the MPA, but these candidates are eligible for admission.

• CIMA members can apply also but their qualifications would be examined on a case by case basis.



The Course mapping

The proposed course units and credit requirements to offer the dual degree of MBus in Accounting and MPA are mapped in the Table 01 and 02 below (Please refer to appendix 01 for more information).




Description of Subjects



Payment Structure


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MPA and MBus



*This excludes refundable library deposit of Rs 5,000


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