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Mr. N.A.B.M.S. Nishshanka

Ph.D. in Forensic Science

A Forensic Based Empirical Study on Analysis of the Ricochet Behavior and Ricochet Impact Marks of Kalashnikov Bullets

1.   Dr. P. Paranidaran (Department of Forensic Medicine)


2.   Prof. M.A. Punyasena (Department of Physics)


3.   Dr. Chris Shepherd School of Physical Sciences,  University of Kent, UK

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Ms. Sahani Weerasekara

MPhil in Ayurveda Physiology

Association of Deha Prakriti ( Body Constitution) with tissue excellence (Dhatu Sarata), Severity of Clinical   Symptoms, risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and expression of serum inflammatory markers in patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases – Western Province, Sri Lanka

1. Prof. N.P. Sunil Chandra

    Dept. of Medical Microbiology

    Faculty of Medicine

    University of Kelaniya


2.  Dr. P.R. Waratenne

     Institute of Indigenous Medicine

     University of Colombo


3.  Dr. E.S. Wijewickrama

     Dept. of Clinical Medicine

     Faculty of Medicine

     University of Colombo





Mr. R.M.D. Badara


MPhil in Psychological Counselling


1. Dr. Samudra Senarath

    Dept. of Educational Psychology

    Faculty of Education

    University of Colombo


2. Dr. P.P.G. Chamila Siriwardane

     Dept. of Philosophy














Mr. M.A.M.L. Fernando

Communication and Counselling Psychology

An Exploratory Study on Understanding the Cultural Aspects of Nonverbal Communication and its Impact on Effective Psychological Counselling in Sri Lanka

1. Dr. Pavithra Godamunne

    Faculty of Medicine

2.Emiritures Prof. Rohana Luxman Piyadasa



FGS/MDS/PhD/2021/001 Mrs. N.K.Kulasekara Multi-Disciplinary Student Counselling: A Study of Professional Counselling Services Available in the Government Universities of Sri Lanka

 1. Prof.  Susima Weligamage
     Dept. of Finance 

2. Dr. Chamila Siriwardene
     Dept. of Philosophy 



FGS/MDS/PhD/2021/002 Mr. G.P.K.Perera    

 1. Dr. A.S. Kaluarachchi    Dept. of Pali and Buddhist

2. Dr. N.G.D. Gayantha       Dept. of Philosophy



FGS/MDS/PhD/2021/003 Ms. Dahanayake Tourism Management Rejuvenating the Destinations Loyalty through Memorable Wellness Tourism Experiences: Mediating Effect of Well-being and Engagement

 1. Prof. Bandara Wanninayake, Department of Marketing Management

2. Prof. J.P.R.C. Ranasinghe, Department of Tourism Studies, Uva Wellassa University



FGS/MDS/MPhil/2021/004 Mr. P.U. Rathnayake Tourism and Hospitality Management Application of Sustainable Tourism Development Standards on Ecotourism Practices in Sri Lanka: Perception Analysis of Ecotourism Operators in Sri Lanka

1. Dr. S.C. Thushara, Dept. of Commerce & Financial Management

2. Prof. Mubarak Kalaldeen, Dept. of Marketing Management, South-Eastern University



FGS/MDS/MPhil/2021/005 Ms. J.H.N.D. Amunugama Teacher Education  

1. Dr. Namalee Suraweera, Dept. of Library & Information science

2. Prof. S.S. Weligamage, Dept. of Finance



FGS/SS/PhD/DVST/2018/01 Ms. W.S.M. Gunathilaka Development Studies Informal and Self-Employee Old Age Income Security: Critical Issues of Low Coverage and Enroller Retention of a Sri Lanka's State Contributory Pension Scheme

1. Dr. Nishan Sakalasooriya, Dept. of Geography

2. Emeritus Prof. Indralal De Silva, Dept. Demography, University of Colombo.



FGS/MDS/MPhil/2022/001 Mr. Vick Soleiver   Climate Refugees’ – Climate Change-Related Migration in Sri Lanka 

1. Dr. Nishan Sakalasooriya, Dept. of Geography

2. Dr. Roshini Jayaweera, Dept. of Economics



FGS/MDS/MPhil/2022/002 Mr. Wijesekara Psychology  Development of a Tool for Screening Instances of Specific Learning Disorders (SpLDs) in Primary School Children of Sri Lanka who Study the medium of Sinhala

1. Dr. Asiri Hewamalage, Unit Head, Child Care Development and Special Needs Unit, Family Health Bureau, Ministry of Health.

2. Dr. Pavithra Godamunne, Head, Dept. of Medical Education.



FGS/AYUR/MPhil/IMM/2021/01 Ms. A.H.M. Fazeena   A single-center, randomized, double-blind study to assess the efficacy of a Unani poly-herbal mouthwash (UPM) in mild-moderate adult periodontitis (Ufoonat e Lissa) patients who are otherwise healthy

1. Prof. P.A. Paranagama, Dept. of Chemistry

2. Prof. M.I. Manuha, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo