Download Forms for Postgraduate Diploma & Masters Program


1. Application and registration-related downloads

# Types of Document Word Document pdf Document
1. Student ID and Name Confirmation Form  Download  
2. Acceptance of Terms of Postgraduate Study   Download
3. Application for Re-registration of students who could not complete the Study Program (who registered after 2016.01.01)- BoS in Commerce and Business Management   Download
4. MA/MSSc Request Form - BoS in Social Sciences   Download
5. Request form to defer the Batch – (SLQL 08 , 09 , 10 Programs) Download Download



2. Payments related downloads

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1. Application for Refundable Library Deposits Form   Download
2. Payment Options in the Corona Pandemic Situation   Download
3. 16 Digit Payment Guideline (Except MPhil/PhD Programs)  

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English Medium



3. Examination/Thesis related downloads

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2. Re-Scrutiny Application   Download
3. Repeat Exam Application (only for students who are registered before 2015)   Download
4. Checklist for Candidate and Supervisor   Download
5. Draft Thesis Submission notification form
6. Final Thesis Submission notification form
Download Download
7. Notice of Submission of Thesis (MBA)   Download

Thesis Cover Pages - Master cover pages


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English Medium

9. Ethics Review Committee (ERC) University of Kelaniya   Download
10. Download Standard Template For Presentation (When you prepare presentations, please use this PowerPoint presentation template)   Download
11. Online viva guide for FGS students   Download
12 Instructions for Viva-voce Presentation Download Download
13. Thesis Mark sheet Download Download
14. Addressing reviewer comments for final Thesis - Format Download Download



4. Certificates and Convocation-related downloads

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1. Application Form for Exit Point Qualification Request for Postgraduate Certificate/ Postgraduate Diploma/ One Year Masters (This form is valid for all postgraduate programs except for MBA Program)   Download
2. Exit Point Qualification Request Form - One Year Master Degree - PGD request Format - Only for BoS Humanities and Social Sciences   Download
3. Fallback Option for MBA Program - Eligibility Criteria   Download
4. Application Form for Fallback Option – Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Valid Only for Master of Business Administration Degree Programme)    Download Download
5. Request for a Transcript (should submit to Examination Branch)   Download
6. Request for the certificate, results sheet, and provisional certificate (should be submitted to Examination Branch)   Download




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