Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Programs

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil.) program is offered by the following Faculties of the University of Kelaniya, under the auspices of FGS:

  i. Board of Study in Commerce & Business Management

 ii. Board of Study in Humanities

iii. Board of Study in Medical Sciences

iv. Board of Study in Science

 v. Board of Study in Social Sciences

vi. Board of Study in Computing

vii. Board of Study in Multidisciplinary

viii. Board of Study in Digital Learning

MPhil. applicants should submit a research proposal to FGS. This will be directed to the relevant Board of Study and department upon consideration. A supervisor will be appointed by the Board of Study (BoS), based on the proposal and a presentation made by the applicant to the senior academics at the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  When the applicant is accepted as eligible for the MPhil, s/he becomes a candidate after making the relevant fees. The duration of study for an MPhil is two years, and the program consists mainly of research. Progress reports need to be submitted to FGS via the supervisor, every 06 months. Other requirements for the MPhil are given in the guidelines, website and the letters sent by the FGS. Thesis guidelines are given to each applicant once the eligibility criteria are accepted. The terms thesis and dissertation are interchangeable at the University of Kelaniya.


Course Fee

Application Fee - LKR 2,000/=

People's Bank Account No - 055-1001-1-0667549

Board of Study
Local Students Foreign Students
MPhil MPhil
Commerce & Business Management
(with effect from 12th September 2017)
565,000/= to be notified
(with effect from 12th September 2017)
155,000/= LKR 22,000 + USD 2,000
(with effect from 12th September 2017)
155,000/= LKR 22,000 + USD 2,000
Social Sciences
(with effect from 12th September 2017)
255,000/= to be notified
Medical Sciences
100,000/= to be notified
(with effect from 28th October 2019)
257,000/= to be notified
Multidisciplinary Studies  (with effect from 18.03.2021) 297,000/= LKR 400,000/=
Digital Learning 300,000/= to be notified


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Program Duration


SLQF Level

Official Program Duration

Maximum Extensions

Maximum Re-registration

Total Duration from the Date of Registration



2 Years

2 Years

1 Year *

5 Years


*The re-registration period is allowed subject to making relevant fees.

Requirements to be Completed

Requirements to be Completed


Obtaining Ethical Clearance


Number of Progress Reports


Number of Progress Presentations


Skills Development Program



Guidelines for Postgraduate Programmes

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