Master of Business (Accounting / Finance)


Aim of the Programme

The Programme will enable students to: 

  • Obtain a comprehensive accountancy and finance education embracing a range of contemporary developments in Accounting and Finance disciplines.
  • Inculcate the best practices pertaining to the ethical issues and code of conduct of corporate concerns, corporate governance, compliance to the international and local financial reporting standards and disclosures.
  • Develop focused approaches for identifying, analyzing and solving complex business problems.
  • Appreciate frontier trends in the Accountancy profession.
  • Explore research opportunities created by the changing global business environment.
  • Enhance the reputation of the Department/Faculty as a center for business excellence.   

 The Objectives of Programme 

  •  The M.Bus(Acc), M.Bus(Fin) programmes are designed to achieve the  following objectives
  •  To extend the advanced knowledge pertaining to Accounting and Finance disciplines.  To impart students with moral qualities and progressive professional knowledge required to serve organizations operating under uncertainty. 
  •   To embrace the applications of Information and Communication Technology to learn Accounting and Finance.  
  •   To offer an opportunity for students to obtain a blended exposure of learning through eLearning and mLearning technology
  •   To develop the Accounting and Finance profession by creating and stimulating a research culture.

Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

  •   Live lectures
  •   Materials and support resources are online and delivered in English medium
  •   Recorded lectures & printable versions are available at the touch of a button
  •   You can use laptops, desktops, tablet computers or smartphones
  •   You must have an access to a reliable internet connection.


Selection Criteria

The initial intake to the programme is 80 students. Admission to the MBus Programme is based on three steps of evaluation.

  • review and assessment of application and qualification
  • an admission test to judge a candidate's aptitude of management studies and competence in English language, and
  • an interview (group and individual) of qualified applicants to assess the candidates' analytical skills, communication skills, English proficiency, and knowledge of the business environment.

Evaluation Procedure

  • Evaluation of Course Units Students will be evaluated through continuous assessment, written examinations, for M.Bus(Acc.)/M.Bus(Fin.) programmes and additionally the research dissertation and through the viva voce examination for M.Acc/M.Fin.   


Program Type : Online & Onsite


Course Content: 

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Programme Coordinator

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Technical Coordinator

Mr. Pubudu

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