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Visual Art & Design and Performing Arts Unit, Department of Fine Arts offers three Master of Arts Degree Programs catering to the national needs. The degrees are being offered since 2008, and the proposed revised syllabus of Master of Arts in Dance has been designed based on the Guidelines stipulated in 1) the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) issued by the University Grants Commission in 2015 to comply with the Criteria for the Master’s Degree with Course work and a Research Component (No.10), 2) Qualifications Framework issued by the University of Kelaniya in 2016 (No.11) and 3) Guidelines for Post Graduate Programs issued by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya in 2017 (No.11) in terms of increasing the number of credits offers      

Aim of the Programme

  • Identify and analyze the existing problems and issues in Sri Lankan dance industry.
  • Design and implement novel and innovative theories to distinguish the Sri Lankan dance among other traditions/ practices.
  • Apply the knowledge gained through the critical applications to choreograph new dance compositions with novel themes and ideas that address the national and global needs.
  • Demonstrate professional and career expertise on addressing the contemporary issues in the relevant field.


Objectives of the Programme

           Develop awareness of nationally important ethical, and professional responsibilities along with the experts of the particular field


Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

          All sessions are operated with lectures, practical, workshops, and field studies that are conducted by specially appointed staff, and resource.


      Special Sessions and Workshops

      In addition to the appointed staff, there will be special guest lectures, and workshops (internal/external) to provide the students with better and updated knowledge

The duration of the degree program is two (02) years. The Courses are designed with Compulsory course units. Prerequisite are to offer one’s preferred specified area of interest namely Bharathanatyam, Kathak and Drumming, to provide more opportunities for the students to select the subjects of their choice. Each Course unit bears its own credit weightage depending on the teaching and learning environment of the subject. However, a student must complete 60 credits in the two year period, completing 30 credits each year. In each year, there are two semesters and the students have to register for all theory and practical (Compulsory) papers prescribed for the semester, and one subject of their desire.  Each semester is comprised of twenty (20) weeks. Lectures and the practical sessions are conducted during weekends (Saturday/Sunday) from 9:00am to 5:00pm in four (04) sessions.

In the second year, the students have to write a research dissertation of a selected subject area, making a presentation before a selected panel of evaluators/ examiners.  All sessions are conducted at the Senake Bandaranayake Hall (K-10) of the University of Kelaniya.


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Payment Structure

Please contact programme coordinator for the course fee




Level 10



Next Batch Start Date: September 2019


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