Master of Arts in Dance(MA in Dance) - Course Details


Aim of the Programme

  • To provide necessary skills and techniques in Sri Lankan dance traditions
  • To allow students identify and evaluate current trends in Sri Lankan dance traditions.
  • To provide students with adequate knowledge to apply modern techniques of dance and related subjects in Performing Arts within an academic framework.
  • To enhance the career opportunities with excellent academic and professional background.


 The Objectives of this degree programme

  • To provide students with necessary skills and techniques of Sri Lankan Dance traditions.
  • To provide more opportunities to identify and evaluate the Sri Lankan cultural patterns and apply the particular elements in creative work.  
  • To facilitate students with traditional and modern techniques and skills by means of producing/ restoring authentic dance tradition that sustains the cultural identity.

Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Discussions

Evaluation Criteria

  • End of Semester Theory/ Practical Examinations
  • Continuous Assignments
  • Projects
  • Productions

Evaluation Procedure

The principal procedure of evaluation prescribed by the Department is the End of Semester (EoS) examinations. Additionally, following procedure is followed based on the subject;

  • Presentations
  • Productions
  • Continuous assessments/ Project Reports

Important Documents

Course Content and Brochure             


Help desk and Coordinator contacts

Ms. Dulanga Gunarathne

Programme Coordinator

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