MSc / MS in Crop Protection and Plant Biotechnology



Master of Science in Crop Protection and Plant Biotechnology is a full-time modular course proposed to be conducted by the Department of Botany of the University of Kelaniya. This program has been designed to provide in-depth knowledge and appropriate skills in the field of crop protection and application of molecular biological and biotechnological tools for the quality improvement of crops.

In addition to gaining knowledge and skills in molecular biology, plant biotechnology and crop protection, students will also have an opportunity to follow a business administration and entrepreneurship component to aid broadening of employability levels and expanding entrepreneurship opportunities in the fields of crop protection, agribusiness, and crop biotechnology. The course is enriched with professional development workshops.


Aim of the Programme

It is aimed to give an opportunity for the professionals of the fields of agribusiness, customs, food quality assurance, quarantine, food processing industries, pest and vector control and technical officers in the university/industry to improve their knowledge in modern biotechnological concepts, familiarize with the techniques and tools used in molecular biology, disease diagnosis and management and plant quality improvement. It also provides a stepping stone for the higher educational degrees.


Objectives of the Programme

  • develop human resource with necessary knowledge and skills on crop protection, disease diagnosis, molecular biological techniques and plant biotechnology for quality improvement,
  • promote awareness of the modern biotechnological strategies for quality improvement and crop protection among decision makers and managers,
  • prepare applied plant pathologists and geneticists for translational research and for the development of the country,
  • encourage large scale entrepreneurs to use modern technology effectively for crop improvement and disease management, and
  • bridge the gap for entering advanced research degrees.


Teaching methods and evaluation of criteria


Teaching methods: Lectures, laboratory sessions, computer assisted learning

Evaluation of criteria: Continuous assessment, Assignments

                                    End of course unit written examination


Programme Type: Onsite


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Payment Structure

          Course fee: 245,000 (local candidates)

          Other countries: 3,500 US $

Installment Details

          By the time of registration: registration fee, library deposit

          By the first day of the class: First installment of 100,000

          By the beginning of the second semester: 100,000

          Before the beginning of the research: 45,000


SLQF Level

Level 9 and 10



Next batch start date: September , 2022


Help desk contact


Programme Coordinator

Dr. (Ms). H.M. Herath

Senior Lecturer Gr II

Department of Plant & Molecular Biology

Faculty of Science

University of Kelaniya

Tel: +94 701902809

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