PhD & MPhil

Capaity to generate substantive insights in a particular area of study through high quality original research. Research may be pure discipline-based or multidisciplinary


DBA for developing advanced management competencies and research skills and MBA focus on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.


Develop a person with advanced knowledge in a specific field of study or discipline to enable working professionals to advance their knowledge.

Foreign Collaborations

International academic collaboration plays an important role in the creation of such models and prepares educational systems to act effectively in foreign environments.

Master of Fine Arts




Visual Arts & Design and Performing Arts Unit, Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Humanities offer Master of Arts Degree Programs catering to the national needs.


Aims of the Programme

The Visual Arts & Design and Performing Arts Unit of the Department of Fine Arts decided to introduce the present program to address a long-felt need of graduates in Fine Arts and allied disciplines who are employed in numerous fine arts-related vocations, and who were eager to access the advanced knowledge and current developments in the discipline. 


Objectives of the Programme


The MFA is a hybrid research-oriented and practice-oriented program designed to provide the students with the most updated knowledge in art history, aesthetics, art theory, and art criticism, combined with advanced studio training with the aim of enhancing the quality of art teachers, art managers, art administrators, curators, designers, writers about art, graphic artists, practicing artists, or those who wish to pursue such careers. 


Teaching Methods and Evaluation Criteria

 All sessions are operated with lectures, practicals, workshops, and field studies that are conducted by specially appointed staff, and resource persons.


Sessions and Workshops

The duration of the degree program is two (02) years. The Courses are designed with Compulsory course units. Each Course unit bears its own credit weightage depending on the teaching and learning environment of the subject. However, a student must complete 60 credits in the two-year period, completing 30 credits each year. In each year, there are two semesters and the students have to register for all theory and practical sessions.

Each semester is comprised of twenty (20) weeks. Lectures and the practical sessions are conducted during weekends (Sunday) from 9:00am to 4:00pm in three (03) sessions.

The first-year curriculum of the Master of Fine Arts program will consist of six courses delivered through lectures and seminars. In the first year, the students have to write an assignment of a selected subject area, making a presentation before a selected panel of evaluators/ examiners. 

In the second year of the program, students will be assigned to one of eight visiting mentor-artists of their choice to work on a Studio Thesis on a theme approved by the Visual Arts & Design and Performing Arts Unit during the first five months.  During the rest of the year, those who have received 50% of marks for the Studio Thesis will continue transforming the Studio Thesis into creative work(s) and will display such work at a public exposition.


In addition to the appointed staff, there will be special guest lectures, and workshops (internal/external) to provide the students with better and updated knowledge

 All sessions are conducted at the Senake Bandaranayake Hall (K-10) of the University of Kelaniya.


Programme Type: Onsite / Online


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Payment Structure

Please contact programme coordinator for the course fee




Level 10



Next Batch Start Date: December 2021


Help desk contact

Programme Coordinator

Lanka De Silva

Senior Lecturer

Visual Arts and Design and Performing Arts Unit

Department of Fine Arts

Faculty of Humanities

University of Kelaniya

Tel: +112 903772

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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